Why People Choose Us

We welcome all corporate travelers, EARLY AM pick-ups from your home, airport, or hotel, just get your secretary to call to make your reservations at least one day ahead.

Corporate Events 85%
Personal Transfer 60%
Custom Booking 50%
Business Taxi 70%

Who We Are?

VT Montreal Taxi Service was started in January of 06 and has been gaining credibility by providing reliable service with regular customers that call upon her service time and time again! Taxi VT Montreal has lived in (…) for close to 40 years and is very well versed in getting you around in (…) and surrounding areas. With her customer experience, having worked in the corporate world, she brings it to her business with a SMILE! VT Montreal’s goal is to provide a good, comfortable, safe ride for all my passengers, in hopes of each customer calling back time and time again!

Why this service was started?

After 9/11 and one year and a half of being out of work, unemployment checks ran out and have sent out hundreds of resumes with no results, I needed to find some kind of work! So, I met up with a young man who drove for a very well-known or long-time VT Montreal and asked him, “How do I go about getting started?” It all began from there! I was trained under a very nice gentleman who taught me all the ropes. I left the business for personal reasons, left the state, and when I moved back after 4 years, I tried to work back in the corporate world again and just did not cut it, so I went back into the business! After a while, I saved up enough money to purchase my first mini-van and created a web site, passed out business cards and there I was on my own!


We are your reliable taxi service. Reputable and prompt service.

We will gladly quote you a price over the phone or if you want to do electronically

Our Services

Wedding and Events:
We can arrange special vehicles for the most important and anticipated day of your life. We make sure that our customers stay comfortable throughout the trip. Apart from wedding events, you can also book rides for other events and gatherings. For instance, if you want to attend business events, family gatherings or picnics with friends, Taxi VT Montreal is the right choice.

Comfortable Transportation:
Do you know why Taxi VT Montreal is one of the most reliable transportation services in Burlington, VT, and Montreal? It’s because we prioritize the comfort and safety of our customers over everything else. Our modern vehicles are spacious and fully equipped with air conditioning systems. Thus, they can keep you comfortable and help you reach your destination on time.

Special Consideration
We offer specialized vehicles with maximum security for the disabled as well as children and the elderly. If you plan to travel with kids, don’t forget to book child-friendly vehicles for the drive. These cars have baby seats that offer added comfort to children.

Escort Service:
Worrying about the safety of your loved ones? Book an escort service with Taxi VT Montreal for peace of mind. A private bodyguard will accompany you during the trip. This way, you and your family will feel safe, and you will be at peace knowing that a professional bodyguard is there to deal with potential dangers.

Hourly Charges:
You can avail of our taxi service for as long as you want. If you want to hire a taxi for an entire day, you should opt for this service since it allows you to pay the fare on an hourly basis instead of the meter reading. It is your go-to option if you need to make several stops during the trip.

Service in which our drivers are authorized before coordination of paperwork, purchases, transport small packages which will arrive successfully to its final destination.

Courier Service
Do you want to send confidential documents or packages within Burlington or Montreal? We understand that you can’t trust everyone to deliver important documents to the destination. Taxi VT Montreal has built credibility by taking care of the special needs of customers. You can trust our professional drivers to responsibly pick up and deliver packages on time.
You can take a look at positive reviews of past customers to verify that we are a trusted courier service in Burlington, Vermont, and Montreal.

Transportation to and fro the Airport
Whether you’re getting late for your flight or looking for a ride from the airport to a hotel or your home, you can reserve a taxi with Taxi VT Montreal.
Our professional driving team is sincere and leaves no stone unturned in providing you with an unforgettable travel experience. Once you book a ride, try to be present at the specified pickup address on time. This way, our drivers can better manage time and drop you to your destination without wasting time.

Our Airport Transportation Service

Surge-free Guarantee

Book for Now or Later

Cashless Payment


Why Choose Us?

At Taxi VT Montreal, we drive our customers throughout the greater VT, Montreal area with commitment and pride. Our chauffeurs can take you to your destination in style.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Taxi Services?

The taxi service is available round the clock for your convenience. We serve individuals and corporate clients alike. Our business possesses license and insurance to offer services in the area. We are here to establish a lasting relationship with our customers. We assure you that you won’t regret the decision of booking a ride with our company!
Here are a few things we bring to the table:

  • Reasonable and fair rates.
  • Personalized services, for all of your specific needs.
  • Chauffeurs available 24/7.
  • On-time pickups from airports.
  • A safe car service.
  • Countrywide car service at your disposal.
  • Hotel booking service for tourists and corporate clients.
  • On-the-spot payment option.
  • Affordable city tours.
  • NO hidden charges.

Why Trust Taxi VT Montreal?

With vast experience in the industry, we offer a safe, fast, and comfortable taxi transportation service for every occasion. Our services are reliable as well as affordable for clients. We have a modern limo fleet that consists of well-maintained vehicles, operated by licensed chauffeurs.

Headquartered in Burlington, Taxi VT Montreal brings you the efficient taxi service that can solve your traveling issues. We understand it’s not always easy for our customers to book a ride in advance, owing to their busy schedules. When you happen to forget to book a taxi beforehand, we will come to your rescue and take you places without unnecessary delays.

Stop waiting for taxis that don’t only waste your time, but also charge a hefty sum for even the shortest routes. Book your taxi with the best service in town – Burlington and Montreal!

Yes, we are the leading taxi cab company in Vermont, Montreal! Do you have questions about the taxi VT Montreal service? Feel free to call us at (802) 343-3780 for any query. We will be happy to address them at the earliest!

We are Ready to Take Your Call 24 Hours, 7 Days!

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